dga demonstrates formatting a message in DGA format


exception dga.SetupError

Converts cell modem signal strength from bars to dBm

Parameters:bars (int) – sig str in bars, 0 to 4
Returns:sig str in dBm
Return type:int

Returns the cell modem signal strength in bars :return: signal strength in bars (0 to 4) :rtype: int


This script provides DGA formatting for transmissions It is required that the system be setup for CSV formatting

Example incoming TXform in CSV on SL3:
04/20/2017,19:55:00,PRECI,2.50,,G 04/20/2017,19:55:00,TAIRE,2.50,,G 04/20/2017,19:55:00,BATER,2.50,,G
Expected TXform output from script:
‘SELFTIMED ON UNIT: DGATEST DATE: 04/20/2017 TIME: 19:55:00 PRECI 2.50 G OK TAIRE 2.50 G OK BATER 2.50 G OK ‘
Parameters:txformat – CSV string
Returns:reformat to DGA format requirements.
Return type:str