Loading a script and setup into Satlink 3 and XLink 500

If you have script and setup files, they may be easily loaded into Satlink 3 and XLink 500 using LinkComm.

Making minor modifications to the script

The dew point script file provided uses the following equation

dp = 0.057906 * (log10(rh / 100) / 1.1805) + (at / (at + 238.3))
dp = dp * 238.3 / (1 - dp)  # Formula for Dew point temperature

What if a minor change was needed to that equation? LinkComm’s Script tab may be used to make changes.

  • Use the editor in the Script tab to make the changes
  • After making the changes, press Test Script
    • You should be connected to XLink otherwise the script will not get tested!
    • Test Script will send the modified script to XLink and test it out.
    • LinkComm will let you know if the script worked.