Sutron Satlink 3 and XLink 500 MicroPython documentation

Welcome! This is the documentation for MicroPython v1.8.4, last updated 19 Oct 2020.

MicroPython runs on a variety of systems and each has their own specific documentation. You are currently viewing the documentation for Sutron Satlink 3 and XLink 500.

Sutron Satlink 3 and XLink 500 data loggers are capable of running user defined Python scripts in order to provide advanced features that go beyond the standard setup.

Here are some example Python applications:

  • - Water quality auto-sampler control
  • - Custom transmission formats
  • - Computing discharge and volume from a stage sensor
  • - Interfacing to unique RS-232, RS-485, and SDI-12 sensors
  • - Control applications
  • - RS-232 displays

There are 3 types of scripts: Measurement, Transmission Formatting and Tasks.

  • - Measurement scripts are attached to any measurement (M1..M32) for post processing and control.
  • - Transmission Formatting scripts are attached to any telemetry (TX1..TX8) allowing the modification of the transmission data.
  • - Tasks scripts are independent, event based threads triggered by a scheduled timer, a button press, or other event.

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